MEDIC's product is a research tool/platform that contains millions of tumor variations we semi-artificially create with CRISPR and 3D cancer models. They use this platform to systematically discover biomarkers and synergistic drug combinations for pre-clinical/clinical oncology drugs from pharmaceutical companies and to identify novel drug targets for cancer.
Amgen and MBC BioLabs Announce Winners of the Amgen Golden Ticket
Amgen and MBC BioLabs announced that BigHat Biosciences and Trilo Therapeutics have each been awarded an Amgen Golden Ticket to MBC BioLabs. The companies will receive priority admission or renewal for one year of lab bench space with access to core facilities at the MBC BioLabs life sciences incubator, including access to Amgen's scientific experts and business leaders to help advance their scientific programs. Amgen is a proud sponsor of MBC BioLabs, assisting high-potential and innovative early-stage life science and biotech companies accelerating development of new therapies to improve human health. Read full press release.
Symbiome Raises $15M for Microbiome Skin Care

Symbiome, a MBC BioLabs San Francisco resident company and soon-to-be-launched skin-care brand, has raised $15 million. Symbiome is slated to launch October 7 with seven products that aim to shift the skin's microbiome back to its "ancestral" state. The funding will help Symbiome continue its work in science and build out products and community. Read Full Article.
Servier Virtual Golden Ticket Awards

September 24, 2020 from 9:30 - 10:30 AM

Please join us for the 2020 Servier Golden Ticket Award! In this online ceremony, the MBC BioLabs resident company will talk about their award winning research and Servier will present an overview of activities, partnerships and opportunities.

  • Introduction & Golden Ticket Winner Announcement 
  • Winning Company Presentation
  • Servier and Servier BioInnovation 
  • Servier's Research Areas and Collaboration with California-based Biotechs 
  • Q&A