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December Newsletter

Workshop: How to Avoid Disastrous Clinical Trial Design Decisions
This workshop will review how decisions you make in initial proof of concept and first-in-human trials can have long term impact on your product's development. Thinking early about this impact can give statistical, regulatory, commercial, and competitive advantages for your product.
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Golden Ticket

Eisai Innovation, INC. And MBC Biolabs Announce Deciduous Therapeutics as the Winner of Their 2021 Golden Ticket Competition

Eisai Innovation, Inc. and MBC BioLabs are happy to announce Deciduous Therapeutics as the winner of their 2021 Golden Ticket Competition. Eisai Innovation, Inc.'s inaugural competition provides the winning company's entrepreneurial scientists and emerging biotechnology start-up with lab space in the MBC BioLabs facility to pursue drug discovery and innovation for the potential future benefit of patients worldwide.

Entries were received across a broad range of disease areas and included a number of exciting innovative technologies. Deciduous Therapeutics was selected for their innovative technology of selectively removing senescent cells to deliver therapeutic advances for unmet medical needs in age-related diseases. As the winner, they will have one-year free access to MBC BioLabs' state-of-the-art laboratory facility.

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In The News

PerkinElmer Collaborates With Leading Life Science Incubators LabCentral and MBC BioLabs to Help Further Drug Discovery
PerkinElmer, Inc. a global leader committed to innovating for a healthier world, today announced it is collaborating with leading life science incubators LabCentral in Boston, Massachusetts and MBC BioLabs in San Francisco, California to provide innovative, drug discovery technologies, expertise and training to help pharma and biotech start-ups more quickly and accurately identify and accelerate potential clinical trial candidates. ...
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New Companies

NysnoBio is Advancing Novel CNS Therapeutics Based on Validated Human Genetic Pathways
At NysnoBio we are dedicated to developing the therapeutic potential of the Parkin protein for patients with serious medical conditions. We envision a future where the power of the Parkin pathway is directed toward specific disease areas, where the activation of the repair pathway can have maximum therapeutic benefits. Our core team of industry professionals and network of academic experts are working together to deliver on on the scope of therapeutic potential for Parkin cellular repair.
Forbes JAPAN: NUprotein Has Developed Eukaryotic Protein Synthesis Technology That Are Faster, Cheaper and Greener

The commercialization of cell-based meat and stem cell culture application is hindered by the high cost of growth factors needed to feed the cells. With NUProtein's cell-free solution, the cost of these growth factors can be lowered by a factor of 1000.

NUProtein' technology is also more sustainable, using wheat germ ( a byproduct of flour milling) as feedstock, and require less space and time. We are very glad to join and to help the people working on cell culture application at MBCBiolabs

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