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Single Helix Genomics is a collection of engineers, scientists and executives determined to provide cGMP compliant products of custom and pre-designed RNA for drug discovery and distributed manufacturing of mRNA therapeutics and vaccines accomplished on a proprietary single-use microfluidic biochip.  They have developed an automated and portable therapeutics-on-demand (TOD) device that enables consistent, small-scale current good-manufacturing-practice (cGMP) manufacturing of therapeutics-grade mRNA on a timescale of hours.
Future Founders In Life Sciences

January 18, 2021, 12pm-1pm PST – Online Event

The Future Founders in Life Sciences Series is a free lecture series for those in life sciences, interested in starting their own company – our goal is to inspire you to just do it!

Each talk features an entrepreneur and their startup story, as well as some guidance and resources for those interested in learning more about the startup process. Come and meet people others interested in life science startups, as well as members of the MBC BioLabs and Y Combinator teams who have funded over 300 bio startups between them.

This talk will focus on Irene Griswold-Prenner's story on the origin of Nitrome, how she overcame universal skepticism to go on to achieve great success, and what inspired her to take the first steps to start her company. Irene's story is a great example of the path we hope you too will take.

About our Speaker:
Irene Griswold-Prenner, PhD, is Founder and CEO/CSO of Nitrome Biosciences. She is a Nitrome Biosciences is a platform company developing drugs against a new family of enzymes they discovered while working at two benches at MBC BioLabs. These enzymes play a harmful role in a variety of age and inflammation dependent diseases. The therapies that Nitrome is developing will target these enzymes and potentially help slow or halt the progression of diseases such as Parkinson's.
XPose Therapeutics and Accelero Biostructures announce Joint Research Collaboration for the Discovery and Development of Novel Cancer Therapies

XPose Therapeutics and Accelero Biostructures, two of the MBC BioLabs San Carlos resident companies, announced research agreements spanning multiple DNA Damage Response (DDR) targets for drug discovery. They are using Accelero novel ABS-OneStep platform for hit generation and its ABS-Services for iterative structure-guided optimization, both using high-throughput protein X-ray crystallography. Read full press release.
Kate Hudson Calls Symbiome Clean Moisturizer 'Perfection'
The celebrity Kate Hudson has claimed Symbiome "The One" Restorative Moisturizer Cream the new secret for her glowing skin. Symbiome's minimalist cream restores and replenishes the the skin's barrier and has only three ingredients: lactobacillus ferment, sanoma leaf oil and water. Together, the unique blend protects against oxidative stress, resets the microbiome, evens tone, and deeply hydrates. Among its long list of accolades, the cream is also hypoallergenic, vegan and cruelty-free. Read full article.
San Francisco Business Times chose MBC alumni Trevor Martin, CEO at Mammoth Biosciences, one of the 2020 Executive of the Year. He is part of a group of people in business who had emerged to stand strong in dealing with everything the COVID-19 has caused in the world. Read full article.