New Year, New Instruments, New Companies!
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January Newsletter
Golden Ticket

AbbVie and MBC BioLabs Invite You to Apply for The 2022 AbbVie Golden Ticket!

AbbVie and MBC BioLabs invite entrepreneurial scientists and founders to apply for a 2022 AbbVie Golden Ticket. The AbbVie Golden Ticket provides a year's use of a lab bench and core facilities at MBC BioLabs' San Francisco or San Carlos site, as well as opportunities to engage with AbbVie scientific and business leaders. It will be awarded to two early-stage companies developing novel, transformational therapies for autoimmune, oncology, neuroscience, eye care or aesthetics.

The ideal candidate for winning an AbbVie Golden Ticket will meet the following criteria:

  • Focused on science / technology with potential to generate transformational therapies in areas that align strategically with AbbVie's therapeutic areas of interest (listed above and additional details available here)
  • Developing therapeutic platform technologies, including gene therapy, novel cell therapy, gene editing, or novel drug-discovery or platform technologies
  • Exclusions: Diagnostics, Devices, Research Tools, and Healthcare Services/IT

Submit Your Non-Confidential Company Presentation by February 18th, 2022.
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AbbVie and MBC BioLabs Announce Winners of 2021 Golden Ticket Competition

AbbVie and MBC BioLabs are excited to announce Regel Therapeutics and Weatherwax Bio as the winners of the "2021 Golden Ticket Competition". The award enables entrepreneurial scientists and emerging biotechnology start-ups to accelerate early drug discovery and innovation for the potential future benefit of patients worldwide.

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Bio-Rad ZE5-Everest Software Changes Webinar

Hello Bio-Rad ZE5 Users,

Everest software version 3.1 is coming to MBC! Join us on Monday, January 17th Tuesday, January 18th at 2 PM for a webinar introducing the changes that were made to the new version, before the actual software update install. Can't make it? No worries, as the webinar will also be recorded.

The new or modified features in Everest v3.1 include:

  • More Flexible Experiment Builder with Tab Layout
  • Enhanced Multipanel Functionality
  • Instrument Settings Library
  • Enhanced Custom Labels Functionality
  • Flow Rate Coordinated with Wash Time in High-Throughput Mode

January 18th, 2-3PM @ Zoom Webinar
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New Addition to the Fast Track Core:
The MuviCyte Live Cell Imaging System

The MuviCyte is a flexible live-cell imaging system from PerkinElmer. It has an open stage design, has XY stitching and Z-stack capability, and MuviCyte users really appreciate its image quality. MuviCyte has been installed at 930 Brittan Avenue and this webinar will walk you through how you can incorporate it into your workflows.

Through this webinar, you will learn more about:

  • MuviCyte's unique in-incubator operation & other versatile features
  • Flexible imaging and autofocus modes
  • Typical & key applications including stem cell monitoring, spheroid analysis, scratch wound assays, reporter gene assays
  • Overview of its intuitive & flexible moviemaking and analysis software

If you have any questions about the MuviCyte,
please send them over to
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In The News

Astellas and MBC BioLabs Announce Future Innovator Prize Winners - Helping Biotech Start-ups Accelerate Early Research Efforts

Astellas and MBC BioLabs announced Vcreate and Weatherwax Biotechnologies as the winners of the Astellas-sponsored "Future Innovator Prize" at MBC BioLabs. A Future Innovator Prize offers entrepreneurial scientists or emerging biotechnology startups one-year usage of MBC BioLabs' state-of-the-art lab facility in San Francisco, California, as well as access to Astellas' research and development (R&D) capabilities and business leaders.

Vcreate and Weatherwax Biotechnologies were chosen for the strength of the innovation in their approach, the therapeutic potential of their research and the potential expandability of their technological platforms.

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Dren has announced today collaboration with Pfizer for its Targeted Myeloid Engager and Phagocytosis Platform.

Dren has received $25 million upfront payment as part of overall deal for selected oncology targets that includes over $1 billion in potential cash payments plus potential future product-based sales royalties.

As you may recall, our platform represents novel bispecific antibody technology that connects tumor cells with myeloid cells, resulting in powerful and safe immune stimulation, targeted phagocytosis, and memory-like response via neoantigen presentation to elicit a durable long-lasting effects.

More information about Dren and our platform you may find on our web site:
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New & Featured Companies

Altay Therapeutics - Developing Life-Saving Therapies by Targeting Disease-Causing Transcription Factors

Altay Therapeutics is a pre-clinical stage drug discovery company that develops life saving therapies by targeting disease-causing transcription factors (TFs). Altay's novel platform technology utilizes genetics, structural work and AI to enable them to identify druggable small molecule binding pockets within previously undruggable targets. Using their approach, they have successfully drugged three previously undruggable TFs demonstrating in vitro and in vivo proof-of-concept studies in treating Ewing's Sarcoma/Prostate Cancer, fibrosis (NASH & IPF), and facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD). Based on insights gained from its platform, the company is now better positioned in targeting other disease-causing TFs to develop more specific therapies and improve the quality of life for larger patient populations.

Regel Theraputics - Targeted Gene Therapy to Transform the Lives of People Living With Sever and Life-Threatening Diseases

Combining cutting edge science, experienced business leaders and innovators, Regel Therapeutics is committed to leveraging its proprietary platform technology to revolutionize gene therapy and change patient outcomes across multiple indications

Weatherwax Biotechnologies - Developing the Next Generation of Induced-Proximity Medicines

The founders, Armand Cognetta and Matthias Pauthner, earned their PhD's at Scripps Research in San Diego in the renowned labs of Ben Cravatt and Dennis Burton, and published a combined 50+ papers in high ranking academic journals, including Cell, Nature, Science and The New England Journal of Medicine, and additionally hold numerous patents in the drug discovery space. Weatherwax further has a remarkable board of advisors including Martin Babler, John Clarke, Laura Deming, Uri Lopatin, Brent Stockwell as well as other high ranking academic and industry opinion leaders.

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