In the photo on the right, the USB contains one copy of the movie Jurassic Park. Below it is a polymer that contains one million copies of the movie.

CacheDNA Unveils T-REX: Amber-Inspired Polymer Advances DNA Storage

MBC resident company CacheDNA has developed a glassy polymer to store DNA at room temperature, protect it from degradation, and readily dissolve again to release the DNA. If you find yourself thinking of the film Jurassic Park -- in which scientists bring back dinosaurs by extracting DNA preserved in amber for millions of years – you aren’t far off. The scientists behind the technology were inspired by amber as a natural preservation medium.

DNA has been proposed as a way to store enormous amounts of data efficiently: one coffee mug full of DNA could theoretically store all the world’s data. Current approaches to storing DNA involve freezing it, which is energy-intensive. Enter CacheDNA; the company published their cheekily named method for “thermoset-reinforced xeropreservation” (T-REX) in the journal JACS. T-REX involves encapsulating DNA within a polymer network. It accommodates DNA strands ranging from tens of bases to gigabases, offering rapid encapsulation within hours and enabling extraction using relatively benign reagents compared to previous methods based on silica or calcium phosphate. T-REX marks a significant step towards practical applications of DNA data storage technology.

Congratulations to the CacheDNA team on the progress, and we look forward to hearing what’s next!

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Nitto Golden Ticket 2024

MBC BioLabs, in partnership with Nitto Innovations, Inc., is excited to announce the 2024 Golden Ticket Competition, aimed at catalyzing innovation in clean tech and climate tech. Nitto is particularly interested in hydrogen, energy storage, carbon capture, material innovation, and recycling technologies.


Mission BioCapital Platinum Program 2024

There are only a few days left to apply to the Mission BioCapital Platinum Program! Apply for $500k in funding, access to lab space and core equipment at any MBC BioLabs facility, mentorship and support from Ono Ventures, Eli Lilly, and Mission BioCapital, and drug discovery services from Alloy Therapeutics.


Marea Therapeutics Launches with $190 Million to Accelerate a New Generation of Medicines for Cardiometabolic Diseases


TwoStep Therapeutics Launches with Funding to Advance Broadly Applicable Targeting Platform for Solid Tumors


Lunch & Learn with Cytiva


July 10 @ noon - 1pm
953 Indiana, San Francisco

Please join our partners at Cytiva for lunch and real-time label-free interaction analysis with the Biacore located in our cores.


Lunch & Learn with NanoTemper Technologies


July 11 @ noon - 1pm
135 Mississippi St, San Francisco

Join us for lunch and learn about the newest instrument available in our cores - the NanoTemper Monolith X. The Monolith X is a trusted orthogonal tool to validate binding results or to get a Kd in situations that are challenging for surface plasmon resonance (SPR).


Lunch & Learn with ALIT LifeTech


July 16 @ noon - 1pm
135 Mississippi St, San Francisco

Please join our partners at ALIT LifeTech for a lunch & learn on the Countstar Castor high-content cell analyzer available in our cores.


Seminar with Mana Bio on AI for LNP Design


July 18 @ noon - 1pm
930 Brittan Ave

Kira Radinsky and Yogev Debbi of Mana Bio, an Israel-based AI-based drug delivery startup, will be giving a seminar on tuning lipid nanoparticle formulations for the targeted extrahepatic delivery of nucleic acid therapeutics and vaccines.
Attendance will be limited to the first 20 RSVPs and lunch will be provided.


Founders at Work: Mammoth Biosciences

July 25 @ noon - 1pm
135 Mississippi St, San Francisco

Mammoth Biosciences, an MBC BioLabs alumni company, is focused on leveraging its proprietary ultracompact CRISPR systems to develop long-term curative therapies, as well as other applications such as decentralized precision diagnostics. Lunch will be provided.


Lunch & Learn with Miltenyi


July 31 @ noon - 1pm
135 Mississippi St, San Francisco

Please join our partners at Miltenyi for lunch and flow cytometry training. Attendees can also get a free customized panel design based on markers of interest.


Life Science Vendor's Showcase


August 27 @ 10am - 2pm
135 Mississippi St, San Francisco

The showcase aims to bring together the latest and greatest in life science technologies and services from a variety of vendors. This is an opportunity for our resident scientists and entrepreneurs to explore cutting-edge tools and services, learn about new techniques, resources, and network with other members of the life science community.


Partner Office Hours

Connect with our partners from Cytiva, Malvern Panalytical, Agilent, Eppendorf, Revvity, or MilliporeSigma during their scheduled office hours this month!


Yoneda Labs

Yoneda Labs is building a foundation model for chemical reactions in order to optimize reaction parameters such as temperature, concentration, and catalyst and improve the speed of hit-to-lead and lead optimization campaigns. Their objective is to support small molecule therapeutics companies by enabling more cost-efficient and sustainable chemistry and manufacturing processes.

A warm welcome to CEO Michal Mgeladze-Arciuch, Chief Scientist Jan Oboril, and CTO Daniel Vlasits!

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