Celebrating Experiments on Day One

Traditionally, most of the events we celebrate in life are the big milestones we accomplish – birthdays, graduation, retirement, the first round of investments. Often, we are too focused on the “goal” or the “outcome” that we forget about the small steppingstones along the way; the “small wins” in our day-to-day lives that drive the initiative to accomplish even bigger milestones.

At MBC Biolabs, it has become a tradition to celebrate the “small wins” which is getting an experiment done on day one (not one day). For every experiment that a company is able to do on their first day of launching operations, a champagne bottle is popped open to celebrate. According to The Magazine by HBR, the power of progress is fundamental to human nature – it can boost a person’s morale and creativity. This celebration signifies more than just making the newly onboarded members of the community feel welcomed, it is a celebration of achieving the first step into solving a world problem.

Starting a company is hard, starting a biotech company is even harder. It takes more than just a laptop and Wi-Fi to get started. At MBC Biolabs, enabling awesome is the mission. They provide everything that a scientist needs to get started, operationalizing lab research to gather data and get to the next milestone, all the while providing a great community of other entrepreneurs as support systems. From lab benches to millions worth of lab equipment, research and experiments are made possible on the first day.