According to Doug Crawford, there are a few key things that scientists need in order to succeed in the labs: one of them being coffee, and the other is snacks! Our newly adapted weekly tradition of Fika was inspired by the Swedish culture. Fika, which roughly translates from Swedish as drinking coffee, munching sweet treats and chatting — is as much a part of the working day in Sweden as emailing and fixing the printer.

Doug’s short explanation

Studies show that taking breaks increases productivity, improves mental health and well-being, increases creativity… the list goes on! Plus, who doesn’t love coffee and pastries?! So, over the last few months, we have implemented fika into our weekly routine and it has been very well-received by our community. For half an hour, we set our work worries behind and enjoy freshly baked goods (scientists are apparently great bakers too!), coffee, and conversations! Join us in practicing and encouraging fika - bring a co-worker, bring a friend, bring a bun to share and let’s fika together!