Kolin Hribar, PhD, CEO and Founder of Cypre Inc. with their Symphony®/VersaGel®

Cypre and Molecular Devices signed a co-marketing agreement to jointly market Cypre’s Symphony®/VersaGel® 3D cell culture platform and Molecular Devices’ ImageXpress® high-content imaging systems. Advances in both 3D cell culture and high-content imaging are driving big changes in in vitro and ex vivo translational modeling and cell-based screening assays. Cypre and Molecular Devices’ technologies combine to give drug discovery and development researchers access to more biologically relevant assays and higher throughput. The two companies will kick off their partnership by co-presenting at SLAS 2019.

“As a high-content imaging leader, Molecular Devices synergizes with the Symphony/VersaGel platform to provide a complete solution for high-throughput 3D cellular assays, and moreover, they’ve been a great partner to work with. We look forward to building on this relationship in the coming year,” said Kolin Hribar, CEO of Cypre.

Sarah Vargas-Hurlston, Senior Director of Marketing at Molecular Devices comments, “Cypre’s 3D solutions for customers align with our continual focus to provide better support for customer applications. Together we offer a new solution for simplifying access to and scaling 3D assays.”

News of this partnership comes at the same time as Cypre’s Symphony/VersaGel platform being selected as a candidate for Best New Drug Discovery and Development Product of 2018 in the Scientists’ Choice Awards.