The Discovery to Youthfulness and Regeneration

Maddalena Adorno, PhD and Benedetta di Robilant, PhD are the founders of Dorian Therapeutics, a regenerative medicine company developing a new class of therapeutics, called senoblockers, for age-related disease.

Maddalena and Benedetta met at the Stanford School of Medicine, and after working together for few years and identifying important pathway crucial for counteracting the aging process, they decided to bring what they learned from the bench to the clinic. Often a lot of efforts are devoted in Academia to the discovery of new paradigms, but less frequently these are advanced to preclinical and clinical studies. In their case, they didn’t want this to be their story, and they are firmly committed to bring the senoblocker technology to patients.

Their idea found the enthusiasm and support of several investors and incubators, including Y Combinator and StartX, and they launched Dorian in 2018. Among their investors, several incredible women are helping them in their path: Laura Deming (Longevity Fund), Celestine Schnugg (Boom Capital) and Yodfat Harel Buchris (Blumberg Capital).

Their journey in the Life Science ecosystem has been one of hard work, fast learning and quick adaptation, but they are surrounded by a supportive, stimulating and enthusiastic community and team and they are determined to keep growing and evolving.