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October 31, 2022

NEW YORK, Oct. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ROBUST, an early-stage venture capitalist, today announced a critical investment program in Symbiome, a revolutionary, microbiome-nourishing life sciences company in the skincare sector.

U.S. and South East Asia-based ROBUST finalized a deal that guarantees an additional allocation in the R&D-focused company whose research is helping to create exciting, regenerative skincare products.

As part of the agreement, ROBUST will assist the company in raising capital from investors globally, while securing distribution rights for certain Symbiome products in a growing Asian market.

ROBUST invests early with the intent to follow through a company’s lifecycle. While they invest globally, their team is focused on bridging the economic and technological gap, particularly between North America and Southeast Asia.

Speaking on this latest investment, Kanin Asvaplungprohm (“Asva”), Founder of ROBUST, said: “Symbiome is a compelling investment opportunity because they are at the forefront of microbiome research.”

“At ROBUST, we aim to better humanity by backing transformative technologies. In making scientific advances that will redefine skin and gut health, Symbiome aligns with our ethos.”

Mr Asva added: “Today’s macroeconomic landscape presents a significant challenge for capital allocators. Inflation remains high, the Fed is hawkish, and the S&P 500 is down about 20% year-to-date. Many early-stage funds that adopted a swift spray-and-pray approach at the market’s peak in 2021 are seeing markdowns.”

“This is where ROBUST stands out, we’ve entered an era of judicious capital deployment in which investors must optimize for quality in order to generate alpha; accuracy trumps speed. An investment in Symbiome is in line with this thesis.”

San Francisco headquartered Symbiome is a leader in microbiome research that fuses the microbiome (the complex community of microscopic organisms that live on human skin) with ingredients harvested from an organic farm in Brazil that adheres to sustainable practices, such as regenerative farming.

The pharmaceutical-grade human adipocyte stem cell conditioned media used in Symbiome products is prepared under strict cGMP by their partner in an FDA-inspected facility. The result is a skincare line unique to Symbiome’s proprietary Biointact formulation process. Their best-selling product is the serum, The Answer.

Their skin microbiome line performs several critical functions: it prevents pathogens from colonizing the skin, helps deal with skin infections, protects us from environmental damage, and communicates with the immune system.

Symbiome formulates using supercharged ingredients rich in vitamins, nutrients, and other naturally existing beneficial compounds so that little to nothing needs to be added or manufactured in a lab.

Their oils are created through Postbiomic™ Fermentation, which utilizes a proprietary blend of microbes to break down the components found in plant extracts, requiring lower temperatures to extract valuable nutrients. Their creams are the product of BioIntact™ Emulsion, an innovative process that eliminates heat and the need to consume energy.

Adam Klausner, Symbiome’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “We’re very excited to bring on Kanin Asva and his team at ROBUST as new investors in Symbiome. Their participation will enable us to rapidly scale our scientific platform, paving the way for product launches in new microbiome verticals.”

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