Announcing Joint Research Collaboration for the Discovery and Development of Novel Cancer Therapies


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XPose Therapeutics, Inc. (XPose) is excited to announce research agreements spanning multiple DNA Damage Response (DDR) targets for drug discovery using Accelero Biostructures, Inc. (Accelero) novel ABS-OneStep platform for hit generation and Accelero’s ABS-Services for iterative structure-guided optimization, both using high-throughput protein X-ray crystallography. ABS-OneStep handles fragment library screening directly by crystallography using the ABS-Real fragment library.

XPose will solely own and control all chemical matter IP arising out of these programs and will also assume advanced development of the resulting compounds. These agreements will deliver on the XPose strategy to start with experimentally confirmed poses of molecular fragments and small molecules bound to DDR targets in 3D X-ray crystal structures, which will be unlocked by Accelero’s platforms, which empirically sample vast and novel chemical space.

“Hits generated by the ABS-OneStep engine and iterative crystallography-guided molecular optimization using the ABS-Services platform is really speeding up our early drug discovery and development with significant breakthroughs,” said Matthew Duncton, PhD, Co-Founder & VP of Medicinal Chemistry at XPose, which also recently received non-dilutive grant funding for its lead program.

“Our valuable and dynamic partnership with XPose will allow us to utilize our ABS-OneStep platform to discover novel chemical matter to modulate validated DDR targets for new therapeutics,” said Debanu Das, Ph.D., Accelero Co-Founder and CEO. “After testing and validating ABS-OneStep on many diverse protein targets, we are now very excited to deploy our platform for the needs of XPose,” said Ashley Deacon, Ph.D., Accelero Co-Founder and CSO.

About Accelero
San Francisco Bay Area-based Accelero Biostructures ( was founded in 2015 to capitalize on over 20 years of structural genomics and structural biology expertise using high-throughput protein X-ray crystallography with the ABS-Services and ABS-OneStep platforms. ABS-Services provides a unified pipeline of protein X-ray crystallography solutions aimed at the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to support structure-based drug discovery and protein engineering. ABS-OneStep is the next-generation platform for hit generation in early drug discovery to develop novel therapeutics using a fragment-based drug discovery (FBDD) approach. Fragment library screening with ABS-OneStep resolves key bottlenecks in conventional FBDD approaches. ABS-OneStep provides an extremely sensitive, efficient, experimental, single-step approach for determining fragment hits and their 3D structures using high-throughput protein X-ray crystallography.

About XPose
San Francisco Bay Area-based XPose Therapeutics was founded in Fall 2019 by seasoned scientists, entrepreneurs and professionals in drug discovery, structural biology, chemistry and target biology to leverage a cutting-edge approach using experimental information on 3D protein-ligand interactions as a starting point to discover and develop target-specific small molecule cancer therapeutics for undruggable targets. XPose is focused on DNA Damage Response (DDR) proteins and their demonstrated roles in cancer. The compounds we discover and develop can be deployed in a multi-pronged approach across two modalities: monotherapy involving enzyme inhibition, synthetic lethality or targeted-protein degradation; and combination therapy with other genotoxins and cytostatics, thereby providing a significantly large therapeutic landscape to help a wide variety of patients.