Mammoth Biosciences is a Model of Success for Life Science Startups

While still a graduate student at Stanford, Trevor Martin launched Mammoth Biosciences, recruited Nobel Laureate Jennifer Doudna, secured a license from Berkeley, and signed a lease with MBC BioLabs – not a bad start for a first-time 28-year-old entrepreneur.  

Since then Mammoth has raised $68mm to develop its CRISPR diagnostics platform, formed partnerships with GSK for COVID testing, as well as partnerships Millipore Sigma, and Agilent. Dr. Martin has been featured on both Forbes 30-Under-30 and 40-Under-40 lists, and In 2020 he was named Executive of the Year by the San Francisco Business Times.

We spoke to Trevor recently to ask how his time at MBC BioLabs contributed to his company’s success.

“MBC BioLabs enabled us to begin without having to raise extreme capital. A little bit of money went a long way. It was also a good central location for everybody. We had people coming from the East and South Bay so it wasn’t too bad for anyone.”

How did Mammoth grow while at MBC BioLabs?

“We started with 5 people at the beginning and left with 20. Today we’re at 90 employees. It was helpful to add space as we needed, to the extent that we could, until we outgrew it.”

Were MBC partnerships beneficial in raising funding?

“Yes. MBC even participated in the funding round.”

How much were you able to raise while at MBC Biolabs?

“Series A was $23M.”

Is there anything you would like to add about your time at MBC BioLabs?

“Yes. The community was really nice. It was helpful to be around other people with similar struggles and support. The dynamic changes as you grow, but it was really helpful to have starting out.”

Visit Mammoth BioSciences on the web HERE to learn more about their fascinating work!