Looking for a free year of lab space at San Francisco's premier life sciences incubator? Amgen can help!

2 Golden Tickets

Amgen is awarding up to 2 Golden Tickets to high-potential and innovative life science and biotech startups that have the ability to impact patients’ lives.

A Golden Ticket offers:
  • Priority admission/renewal for one year’s use of MBC BioLabs lab bench and Fast-track core facility, providing everything your startup needs to be successful
  • Unique access to Amgen scientific and business leaders

Please apply for an Amgen Golden Ticket by May 18, 2018.
To apply, submit your non-confidential company presentation online. Amgen will award Golden Ticket winners in June 2018!

MBC BioLabs expands to San Carlos

In just over four years, the MBC BioLabs Dogpatch site has been home to 102 companies, 45 of which are current residents. These companies have been wildly-successful – they have raised $1.8 billion. Our one significant challenge has been the limited amount of space. We receive 6-10 applications per month, but as we are always full, we can only accept 1 or 2 companies. Many of the companies that we have to turn away are very promising, but we simply don’t have the space. To redress this problem, we are launching 42,000 square feet of new lab and office space in San Carlos. This will come in three phases. The first of these sites, 733 Industrial Road, opened on May 1, 2018. Additional facilities will come online over the next year. Together, these sites will allow us to grow our community to ~125 startups.

Enabling Awesome

Given the right environment, entrepreneurial scientists like you can change the world. Our job is to give you the right environment. We are dedicated to helping you reduce the time and money you need to prove your technology, build your team, find experts, and attract capital. Our incubator helps you get going quickly and inexpensively - biotech entrepreneurs have launched successful startups with little more than a credit card!

One Bench at a Time

In 2006 we developed a model to lower the costs of launching a biotech startup: make expensive resources in small quantities. This way startups get exactly what they want when they want it. You can rent one bench at a time and expand as you need to. Getting funding is one of the most important and challenging tasks for a life-science startup. We are constantly looking for creative ways to help.

Helping entrepreneurs help themselves

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs create successful life science companies, by providing high-quality space and facilities in the setting of a vibrant, self-starting community.

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