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Our current job opening:

Employment Opportunity

Job Title: Facilities and Operations, aka “Awesome Enabler”
Job Location: 930 Brittan Ave, San Carlos
Work Days / Shift: Full and Part-Time, Mondays to Fridays

About Us

We launched MBC BioLabs to solve an important problem – some of the most important discoveries – ideas that could save lives – are often passed over. To solve this problem, we developed a new model. We rent space as small as a single bench in beautiful and well-equipped labs. Now, scientific entrepreneurs can turn their ideas into reality even if all they have is a credit card and a dream.

Our team is what makes this possible. Working together, we keep the labs efficient. By responding to our clients’ needs, keeping the labs organized and clean, and maintaining fully functional equipment – we allow the scientists to focus on science.

Enabling Awesome

A new age of innovation is here. As new therapeutics vastly improve our quality of life and words like “cure” are closer than ever before, we have both the opportunity and the obligation to fuel innovation. By fundamentally changing the approach to life science research, we not only give entrepreneurs the playground to be creative but the freedom to see it through. We lower the barriers to entry, minimize the start-up hurdles and provide a launchpad to take theories from hypothesis to data. Because we believe their success will not only change their business, it will profoundly impact the lives of many.

Job Overview

MBC BioLabs provides our resident companies with the best coworking laboratory space, equipment and services. This allows them to do experiments in the first week rather than 6-10 months. Our job is to allow them to focus on their science and to leave the complex task of running the lab to us. This is an important and yet really fun job – in fact, it’s Awesome! We have an important mission, wonderful team, and a terrific community. As a member of our team, your responsibilities will include keeping our coworking laboratory organized, optimized, and running smoothly. You will interface with our 45+ resident companies and support their daily operations – everything from keeping supplies stocked to ensuring our equipment and facilities are running at peak performance. No specific technical skills are required – if you share our vision of helping scientists find cures, have a passion for continually learning and improving, then we can teach you everything you need to know.


1) Respect for people – we only hire nice people who care for our clients and co-workers.
2) An eagerness to learn, continually improve, and to work hard.
3) A desire to help.

The ideal candidate will have a strong work ethic, be professional, enthusiastic, energetic, organized and detailed and client oriented — someone who naturally wants to help and enjoys learning new things. They will also demonstrate the ability to work both independently and as part of a team.

We’re an organization that constantly wants to learn and improve. We’re looking for team members who want the challenge of finding innovative ways to improve our customer service.

Salary and Application

Sure, we provide competitive wages, but we also provide health benefits, paid vacation, mass transit bonus, and a 401K retirement program. Please apply – we’d love to see if you are a good fit for our team. Send your resume to