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Rent A Bench.
Change The World.

Starting a company is hard. Starting a life-science company is even harder. With the need for specialized equipment and highly regulated lab space, the first experiment can take months and cost millions. At MBC BioLabs, we’re flipping that model on its head.

With state-of-the-art equipment, a vibrant community, and a la carte business services, we enable and empower entrepreneurial scientists to run their lab fast, frugal, and focused.

MBC BioLabs frees startups from the Catch 22 of needing funding to get data, and needing data to get funding by providing the space, the equipment, and the connections. Click below to tour one of our labs!

How It Works

One Bench At A Time

At MBC BioLabs, we take care of the maintenance, upkeep, and logistics, so you can obsess over the science and nothing else. You just rent a bench and do your work! We take care of the rest.

Our co-working labs allow companies to start with as little as a single bench and then grow to around 15 scientists. Each of our labs provides access to millions of dollars of equipment, office space, conference rooms, kitchen, events, and access to partners and investors.

Getting started easier than you might think. Benches are only $1,750/month including tips, tubes, and gloves, AND we don’t require any equity upfront. With these modest investments, MBC BioLabs companies average $24.2 million in funding.

MBC BioLabs Companies

Success Stories at MBC BioLabs

Given the right environment, entrepreneurial scientists can and will change the world. Here’s a look at the exciting work being done by MBC BioLabs residents and alumni.

MBC BioLabs Companies

Success Stories at MBC BioLabs

Given the right environment, entrepreneurial scientists can and will change the world. Here’s a look at the exciting work being done by MBC BioLabs residents and alumni.

Ambagon Therapeutics

By taming disordered proteins, Ambagon generates new possibilities across the proteome.


Cartography emerged from stealth in July 2022 with $57 million in initial financing to create more precise immunotherapies.

Mammoth Biosciences

Mammoth Biosciences has raised $68 million to develop its CRISPR diagnostics platform.

Success By The Numbers


Enabling Awesome.

We’ve Helped 246 Companies Raise $10.5B In Funding.

MBC BioLabs has helped 246 companies raise an average of $24.2M, for a total of $10.5B raised! When we say we enable awesome, we mean it. MBC BioLabs give bioscience innovators and entrepreneurs the facilities and equipment they need to be running experiments from day 1. Seriously. We even have a tradition of doing a champagne toast for every company that runs an experiment on its first day.


Bringing the best together.

What happens when you bring together the brightest minds with the best biotech business? A lot actually. Learn more about how we facilitate game-changing relationships and opportunities for both entrepreneurs and corporate partners.


See What Our Companies Are Saying About MBC BioLabs

The MBC team is so great and I really, really appreciate how much you all do to keep us running smoothly, well stocked, and well fed! We couldn’t do amazing science without all of your help.

Kenneth Ng


See What Our Alumni Are Saying About MBC BioLabs

I had about 20 years of research experiences before we started MEDIC Life Sciences in MBC BioLabs and I can say without any exaggeration that MBC BioLabs provided us the best research environment we’ve ever experienced, thanks to all the instruments with cutting edge technologies and importantly very kind and professional staffs running the site. I highly recommend MBC BioLabs for any startups looking for good research environments.

Kyuho Han

Medic Life Sciences

Instrumental in getting life science startups off the ground. MBC has state of the art equipment and facilities that allowed us to focus our efforts on getting experiments done versus spending our initial small budget on capital expenditure and lab space set up. Glad to have been part of this community.

Magi Richani

Alpine Roads

MBC is outstanding in every aspect- True enablers of science by facilitating their customers with world class equipment and the most friendly service! The comfort provided helps drive science in the most efficient way. if you are looking to build and escalate your startup in the bay area, look no further, they have it all !!!!

Thulashitha Rajasingham


We looked at several incubators in the Bay Area, MBC Biolabs is hands down the best! We have access to cutting edge lab equipment, a supportive community of founders, and just excellent facilities and staff. We could not ask for more!

Christine Ichim

Florica Therapeutics

MBC offers a rare and valuable setup for early-stage biotech companies. A lab well equipped to be shared, a co-working space, plus super friendly staffs. On top of that, the community ready to help formed by the collaborators from other companies is a priceless asset. Our team loves this space and its people.

Carolina Reis


MBC BioLabs makes biotech startup dreams come true! The facility is excellent, with all the standard instruments you’ll need for your molecular biology, biochemistry, and cell biology needs. And they also provide essential consumables so you don’t have to worry about daily ordering and operations needs while you focus on the science. Linda and the rest of the staff are stellar – super helpful, accommodating, great troubleshooters, and proactive in creating a comfortable and innovative work culture. They also regularly set up seminars to help the onsite companies network and learn about new technologies and business opportunities. If you’re looking to get your biotech startup going, you can’t go wrong with MBC BioLabs.

Sami Hussain

Nitrome Biosciences