Giving entrepreneurs the space to soar

By fundamentally changing the approach to life science research, we give entrepreneurs the playground to be creative. We lower the barriers to entry, minimize the start-up hurdles and provide a launchpad to take theories from hypothesis to data. Because we believe their success will not only change their business, it will impact the lives of many.

An idea and a utility room

In 2006, Doug Crawford repurposed a utility room at the Mission Bay campus of the University of California and the QB3 Garage was born. As the first technology incubator in the UC system, the Garage was met with skepticism. “It’ll never work,” their advisory board said. “It’ll be an intensive care unit for sick companies.” But of the first six startups, four raised Series A venture funding and a fifth was acquired for $25 million – and all within the first two years.

As word spread, so did demand. Entrepreneurial scientists were drawn to the easy access of lab benches and equipment and the camaraderie of being around other entrepreneurs. Keeping that in mind, Doug jumped on the opportunity to lease and completely transform a warehouse in San Francisco in 2013. The result was MBC BioLabs, a full-service incubator offering laboratories, office space, meeting rooms, and an in-house staffed CRO facility with millions of dollars’ worth of equipment. Within six months, it was at full occupancy.

Now with over 50 resident companies, an extensive list of successful alumni companies, and a second location in San Carlos, MBC BioLabs is the premier biotech incubator in the Bay Area. And we’re just getting started.

Our Team

Our mission-driven team is small yet mighty. With a rich scientific background and a proven track record, we come to work everyday to serve our entrepreneurs and empower their success.

Douglas Crawford, Ph.D.
General Manager, MBC BioLabs
Managing Director, Mission Bay Capital


Robert Blazej, Ph.D.
Director, MBC BioLabs
Partner, Mission Bay Capital


Linda Eng
Chief People Officer, MBC BioLabs SF
Office Manager, Mission Bay Capital


Our Partners

By bringing together small life science companies with the largest biotech companies, we create mutually beneficial relationships, alliances and opportunities for both entrepreneurs and corporate partners. This access provides our entrepreneurs valuable insights about where to focus their efforts and speeds the pipeline of innovation for our partners.

We’re thrilled to partner with
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