The start of something big.

At MBC BioLabs, we take care of the maintenance, upkeep and logistics, so you can obsess over the science and nothing else. Here you will be part of a community — a family of science-minded founders learning, experimenting and growing together.

What do I get?


From bench space to freezer storage to lab supplies, we set you up with everything you need to succeed. Beyond the lab, you’ll find meeting rooms, a kitchen and a la carte services that make this feel like home.


In life sciences, having access to cutting-edge equipment is a huge research advantage. We want to ensure that no matter what you’re working on, you’ve got the very best tools at your fingertips.


A unique part of our offering is narrowing the gap between adventurous innovators and seasoned industry pros. Our distinguished roster of corporate partners are actively engaged and keen to help — whether it’s consulting on data, providing valuable customer insight, or sharing go-to market strategies. The Golden Ticket program is another example of how our partners help promising companies. With one Golden Ticket, entrepreneurs win a year of bench space and the opportunity to forge beneficial relationships with corporate sponsors.

All You Can Eat

Our AYCE “All You Can Eat” Program is an unlimited supply of some basic consumables that are included with lab bench rentals. 

MBC Shop

At our MBC Shop, we sell lab supplies and media you can purchase by the pack or item, instead of by the case, with a simple order form. Items will be delivered to your lab benches within two hours. Invoices for purchases will be sent at the end of every month along with any other incidental charges such as conference room rent, autoclaving, or hourly TC use.

Who should apply?

We look for the rare combination of great people, big problems, and novel approaches. We’re not interested in incremental improvements, we’re passionate about supporting the people tackling the toughest challenges and striving for the greatest impact.

How much
does it cost?

Getting the right space to launch your company is easier than you might think. Benches are only $1,750/month including tips, tubes, and gloves, and we don’t require any equity up front. With these modest investments, MBC BioLabs companies average 17 million in funding.