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Join us for Telesis Bio’s lunch & learn event presented by Thien Dinh (field application scientist), and Felice Butler (business development manager). We will introduce you to Telesis Bio Inc. and the BioXp synthetic and molecular biology workstation located at MBC Biolabs in San Carlos.

Capabilities of the BioXp includes the automated building of mRNA, DNA fragments, clones, amplified DNA and variant libraries from either digital sequences or dsDNA templates, as well as NGS library prep for plasmid/genome sequencing.

We will provide an overview of these capabilities and use cases, and introduce you to some exciting new developments involving stable, easy to use, transfection-ready mRNA synthesized on the BioXp.

Telesis Bio has worked with hundreds of clients over the last several years from emerging start-ups to nearly all Top 25 Biopharma companies in a wide range of synthetic biology applications including Antibody Discovery, mRNA Vaccine Discovery, TCR/CAR, etc.

With the BioXp technology, Telesis Bio has empowered researchers to go from digital sequence to expressed proteins in <10 days (Antibodies, TCRs, CARs, target antigens, engineered proteins etc.), skipping the cloning and transduction steps, allowing them to screen biotherapeutic candidates 75-90% faster and with higher throughput than via outsourcing or traditional benchwork, drastically accelerating their hit-to-lead discovery timelines for blockbuster therapeutics.

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