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Learn about our newest partner, HitGen, during a fireside chat featuring Brian Moloney, CBO at HitGen, Sean Brown, VP of Chemistry at Dorian in San Carlos and Guillermo Elias, CEO at Proximity in San Francisco.

About HitGen
HitGen Inc. is a drug discovery research company with headquarters in Chengdu, China, and subsidiaries in Cambridge, UK, and Houston, TX.
HitGen is a world-leader in the development of DNA-Encoded Library (DEL) technology, and its applications to early-stage small molecule drug discovery. With over 1,500 libraries, that collectively comprise more than 1.2 trillion compounds, and with an 80% success rate, HitGen has been collaborating with more than 500 organizations worldwide for over 12 years, facilitated through our diverse and flexible business models. HitGen is also known for its formidable OpenDEL, Custom DEL, and PACfragmentDEL libraries.

In addition, HitGen offers a variety of pre-DEL, post DEL, and stand-alone services, such as protein sciences, H2L/LO/IDD (HitGen has over 200 chemists), DEL-to-PCC, ADME/PK, biophysics, and in vitro and in vivo assays, including a bank of over 100 cell lines.
Other stand-alone services, include fragment-based drug discovery, and structure-based drug design technologies (FBDD/SBDD), as well as emerging technology platforms for nucleic acid synthesis and synthetic therapeutic oligonucleotide (STO), and targeted protein degradation (TPD).

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