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USF introduced the intern program at JLABS @ SSF in 2015. The internship event has resulted in students being placed at Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS (‘JLABS’) companies including Tegmine, Alector, Senti Biosciences, ViewPoint Therapeutics, Distributed Bio, Encoded Genomics, Nkarta, CERo Therapeutics, Ab Initio and MiNDERA. Some former interns have been converted to full-time employees. Due to this success the program continues.

If you are interested in meeting with the latest group of prospective interns, please register for this event. You can view student resumes below:

USF requires students in their Professional Science Master’s program in Biotechnology to complete an internship. The internship is designed to introduce students to research and business operations of a biotechnology-related company or organization, providing students with on-site experience, and creating a partnership between the student and the sponsor site.

The session should help both, companies assess students and students gain knowledge about the companies and life science work. We will also address questions around start/end date, number of working hours and more.

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