QB3@953 Companies Attract $1.36B In Capital

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QB3@953 Companies Attract $1.36B In Capital

San Francisco, CA, May 1, 2017 – QB3@953 proved definitively that its incubator facilities allow life science startups to progress at lightening speed, making a huge impact on the life-science ecosystem of the Bay Area.

QB3@953 tenant and alumni companies are thriving. In the three short years since its founding, QB3@953 companies attracted $1.36Bn in investments and acquisitions.

Clearly, QB3@953 is fulfilling its mission of “enabling awesome”. Renting small units of space in a state-of-the-art biolab facility also allows a more diverse set of entrepreneurs the chance to become great. For instance, of the 94 resident and alumni companies, 11 of them are lead by women, a much higher percentage than in the industry as a whole.

The incubator building in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood supports 35-45 ambitious startups, providing them lab space, connecting them with venture funding, and offering business services. Most businesses outgrow and “graduate” from the incubator into their own lab within two years, but remain part of the QB3@953 family.

“QB3@953 has had remarkable success in attracting the best entrepreneurial scientists,” said Doug Crawford, General Manager. “We are proud to have been able to help them achieve so much in such a short time.”

Crawford also points out that this constellation of exciting startups has attracted support from an ever growning set of partners that includes J&J, Amgen, GSK, Pfizer, L’Oreal and Servier. “We provide an opportunity for the largest and smallest companies to work together – ensuring that the startups are focused on the most important quesitons and accelerating early collaborations,” says Crawford.


Douglas Crawford, General Manager
Ph: 415-205-4825

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