The Diversity Golden Ticket Program provides under-represented biotech entrepreneurs access to MBC BioLabs’ lab space, shared resources, and community to speed the creation of transformative life sciences startups.

Through generous backing from AbbVie, we are pleased to announce the 2023 MBC BioLabs Diversity Golden Ticket, a program designed to support under-represented biotech entrepreneurs. The award provides free lab space for one year, access to millions of dollars of state-of-the-art research equipment, conference rooms for meeting with your team and investors, and professional support staff, all in a vibrant, collaborative research community where you can share ideas and expertise with other exciting life science companies.

Ideal Diversity Golden Ticket candidates are:

  • Focused on innovative science with the potential to improve human health.
  • Teams that would benefit from access to life science research facilities and equipment.
  • Founded by one or more individuals that identify as under-represented in the biotech industry.

Apply until December 22, 2023

The Under-represented Program is a new initiative of MBC BioLabs supported by AbbVie. The program seeks to enhance biotech innovation by providing fully equipped research facility access to diverse, qualified talent. Additionally, the program aims to facilitate broader access to the biotech industry for socioeconomically disadvantaged, underserved, and under-represented individuals and communities.

To apply, please upload your non-confidential company presentation by DECEMBER 22, 2023.
In the presentation, please address:
  • What is the scientific insight and approach driving your company?
  • If successful, how would your approach provide significant benefit to human health beyond currently available options or other R&D stage programs?
  • How would winning a Golden Ticket help your company?

Selected finalist will be invited to present at MBC Biolabs at an event to be held on TBD.  We look forward to receiving your application.

All the best of luck!

2023 Diversity Golden Ticket Application

2023 Diversity Golden Ticket Application

Please submit required information until December 22 to be considered!

MBC BioLabs strongly encourages under-represented founders to apply. If you identify as under-represented in the biotech industry please self-identify here*:

*While we know that checking boxes can never fully capture the complexity of your identity, the above options are included because they have been identified in peer-reviewed literature and reports as identities and demographic that are measurably under-represented in the biotech industry. This list is not meant to be exhaustive. There are many other identities and demographics that are not widely discussed as under-represented, but we believe are important to support.

Maximum file size: 52.43MB