Felix Wong

Cofounder, Integrated Biosciences
Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Felix Wong is postdoctoral fellow at MIT and cofounder of Integrated Biosciences, which has developed a platform to help identify potential drug targets by analyzing cellular stress responses. At MIT, his studies focus on discovering life-saving drugs, specifically antibiotics, that fight against resistant bacterial infections.

Tim Schnabel

Founder, Switch Bioworks
Menlo Park, California

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Nitrogen fertilizer– a cornerstone of our global food chain– supports the food supply for nearly 3 billion people. Yet, it takes a ton of energy to produce, releases greenhouse gasses, and its runoff is harmful. Tim Schnabel founded Switch Bioworks with a vision to engineer microbes to sustainably produce nitrogen “biofertilizer,” directly at the roots of plants. The technology is based on his Ph.D. research at Stanford, where he invented controllable ammonia release from microbes. In under a year, Schnabel and his team have raised $6.6 million and are valued at $27.5 million.

Kevin Parker

Cofounder, Cartography Biosciences
Mountain View, California

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Cartography Biosciences is developing effective treatment approaches using molecular and computational tools that analyze the body through the eyes of the immune system. These approaches would only target tumors, and redirect a patient’s immune system to attack the cancer. Cartography has a team of 33 people and raised $57 million in funding.